Liver Flukes Hide for Decades


Approximately 45 million people are infected with opisthorchis and O. viverrini. O. iverrini predominantly occurs in the Lower Mekong Basin in north and northeast Thailand, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Cambodia, and southern Vietnam, where it represents a significant health problem.


Sushi, Sashimi, Ceviche, any other undercooked fish, and contaminated water can contain liver flukes.  They take up residence in your bile ducts and continue feeding and breeding until you get them out.  You may not show symptoms until the infestation is severe.  The current treatment option costs more than $500.  We want to do better, so our treatment costs $150 (moderate), $225 (more severe), or $300 (most severe).


Tribendimidine is a new treatment option that has shown better efficacy and fewer side effects.  Purging with tribendimidine is effective against many kinds of parasitic worms including liver flukes. One dose of 400mg for moderate infestations, 600mg for more severe, and 800mg for most severe cases seem to be most effective.  Please read all the clinical trial information.  


Vietnam veterans were exposed to Agent Orange and every parasite under the sun.  To honor you, we give a $50 discount if you attach a copy of your DD214 or other proof of service in an email to us.


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